Shaoxing Villagers

Ongoing series of life-size figures, based on residents of the village in China where the artist's ancestors lived for many generations.



Grandfather's Friend, and Arrival Times

Installation of five life-size, seated figures, inspired by a memory of family members gathered to discuss arrangements for an ailing grandfather.



Grandparents, Masked

Life-size male and female figures, masked as lions based on the bronze statues guarding the Gate of Supreme Harmony at the Forbidden City.




Squatting Giants

Series of larger-than-life figures of men in squatting positions.   Each oversized sculpture, while crouched, stands at almost 6 feet tall.





A series of miniature figures (< 20") exploring themes about conflict and aggression.





Wall-mounted works, featuring smaller scale figures (approx. 30 inches).  Examining the fetishization of images and artifacts in the context of cultural dislocation.



Imperial Portraits

Smaller scale figures (approximate 35" tall)in the style of traditional Chinese imperial portraits.


Other Projects

Various masks, animal figures, costumes.





TN10 is the collaborative partnership of Warren King and Joanne Grune-Yanoff.